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Geographic location: - DHAL shall spread its wings in SAARC countries as country chapters

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HIV/AIDS has become a major challenge for the developing countries like India. In 1986, first case of HIV infection was detected in Commercial sex Workers of Chennai (then Madras) and now as per NACO Annual report 2008-09, up to estimated 2.31 million people are living with HIV infection.  Various studies show that HIV virus is now spreading among rural population at alarming rate.  Eastern UP is though among low prevalent areas but HIV infection is spreading among rural areas with alarming rate and there is urgent need of coordinated and combined effort to combat it.
After analyzing the situation in eastern parts of UP in 2007  some of the organizations come together to decide the strategy to minimize the infection rate in their working areas and all of them agreed to create a platform through “DHAL- Developing Healthy Attitude Towards Life” . DHAL is now working as network Organizion in Eastern UP to prevent the infection rate among people of Gorakhpur Zone, Basti Zone and Devipatan Zone of UP.
Till date DHAL has provided technical assistance to various organizations of above mentioned area in implementation of various programmatic strategies on HIV/AIDS and related issues.

DHAL Chapters

Since DHAL has come into existence to flush out HIV/AIDS in SAARC countries, therefore it shall have its appearance in all SAARC countries. Following shall be the chapters of DHAL

• DHAL District Chapters: NGOs working on anti HIV/AIDS issue in cross border regions of SARC countries shall be identified as District chapter.
• DHAL state Chapter: District chapters shall identify an NGO who shall work as country chapter.








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