DHAAL :- Developing Healthy Attitude towards Life

DHAAL is a network of organizations to combat HIV/AIDS menace among vulnerable communities. DHAAL will promote healthy attitude towards life among underprivileged communities living in extreme poverty.


"The Aims and objectives of the Society which the Society shall undertake without any profit motive and without any distinction of any caste, creed, religion, colour, community or race shall be”-

  1. Augment data and devise information systems to address gaps of reliable information in human trade.

  2. Facilitate the development and implementation of effective cross border anti HIV/AIDS strategies.

  3. Influence application of existing legislation and law enforcement to ensure the prevention, prosecution and more appropriate sentencing of traffickers

  4. Advocate and contribute to the formulation of Lateral, Bilateral & multilateral public policies aimed at preventing HIV/AIDS in women & children.

  5. Harmonization of systems and processes relating to HIV/AIDS in women and children with the cross border administration.

  6. Strengthen cross border cooperation to ensure right based repatriation of victims

  7. Ensure that the regional dimension of the multi-faceted elements of human HIV/AIDS are fully considered and included in the planning and implementation of anti-HIV/AIDS
    activities at state, Regional & regional level.

  8. Improve cooperation and mutual assistance between related governmental institutions and NGOs in dealing with HIV/AIDS in women and children.






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